Why it works

Natural Colour Enhancers

Fish are unable to make their own colouration and need to consume the correct colour pigments in their diets.

We have used natural colour enhancers such as carrot, paprika, spirulina and chlorella algae all of which will enhance the fantastic colours of your fish – naturally.

Natural Health Support

For health we have also turned to nature for help. The products contain garlic, which is widely known for its anti parasite and health properties. They also contain natural yeasts, which are rich in Beta Glucans, an ingredient which actively supports the immune system of the fish enabling it to naturally fight of disease.

High Quality Ingredients

It is only possible to make a good quality fish food by using good quality ingredients. We source the best ingredients to ensure the foods are readily accepted by your fish.

Environmental support

FishScience is committed to the environment and sustainability. Our products use ingredients that are 99% sourced within the EU so we are not adding lots of air miles and the pollution that this produces. As you would expect our packaging is recyclable, so make sure that it goes into the appropriate refuse bin.

Clear Labelling

Our products are clearly labeled so that you can be sure you are getting the right product for your fish.